31 May 2011

OkoPlus Cat Litter - Petfood Warehouse Product Review

Cat's smell, most cat owners will back this up. Stinky litter trays that just don't seem to make the manky odours of cat poop and pee go away.  I was recently sent some Cat's Best OkoPlus litter from the people at The Petfood Warehouse to try and test on my smelly old puss. They claim that their clumping cat litter will trap the smell inside it's organic fibres and it is both compostable AND biodegradable.  Environmental score!  The fibre is sourced from untreated domestic fir and spruce wood which is naturally accumulated in the environmental cycle.  That means it is sustainable and it helps to maintain healthy forests.  It's a natural and ecological solution to cat waste!

So bless Oakenfold (he's the cat by the way!) he has only just started using a litter tray again now he is getting older and wanting to be more of a house cat.  I was going to take pictures but I am sure that you really do not want to seethe contents of my cat's litter tray so I decided to save you all from the not so pleasurable sight of the stuff that comes out my cat's arse!

Cats Best Okoplus Clumping Litter 
The bag was a lot smaller than the other litters available on the market and it came with a clever little pooper scooper for removing the lumps.  The litter didn't smell like other ones we have used before.  Once I had filled the tray, Oakenfold did his usual trick of going on it as soon as I had finished changing the litter.  It didn't smell afterwards!  Finally there was something powerful enough to mask the smell of my cat's bum!  I just scooped the poop and threw it away and that was that!  The litter seemed to last a lot longer than other brands have done previously.  I was impressed and the cat didn't seem to complain, I'm sure if he didn't like it then he'd revert to doing his business outside again, much to the disdain of my next door neighbours!

Cat's Best OkoPlus is currently available in 3 different sizes and it's really not expensive either (5L £3.99, 10L £7.99 or £20.99 for 30L) and it helps to save the world a bit at a time.  Why not head over to and have a look at the OkoPlus range and the OkoPlus Special Offers 

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