15 Mar 2011

Starting The Day The Goodness Direct Way - Goodness Direct Breakfast Review

You may remember my posts from last Summer reviewing some yumminess for Goodness Direct. Well, guess what? They sent me some more, and this time it was breakfast!  What was even better is that when I opened my review pack, I saw the shimmering silver of something from Dorset and a fair trade sign and the distinct smell of my house in the morning! Oh Yeah!  I had been sent some Dorset Cereals Tasty Low Fat Flakes and some Colombian Excelso Coffee Beans! 

Mr Wright would be most pleased about that, but before I could wake him, I had to find the coffee grinder...

 Mr Wright does not "do" dairy due to an unfortunate hypnotism incident a few years ago where someone we know tried to help him stop smoking, it didn't work, but now every time he has milk, yogurt or ice cream he feels all funny,  what's more is that he drinks his coffee black, so he will not be tasting the cereal, it is all mine so long as K doesn't see it in the cupboard and so far, he has not spotted it - because I hid it  and I get to eat the whole box!  I am on my third bowl now, with Activia Pouring Yogurt which they were giving away last night in my local Heron  ...Yummy

So my Dorset Low Fat Tasty Flakes are apple, cherry, raspberry and cranberry flavour.  They are good, think cornflakes but with a little more flavour.  The fruit content is pretty high too as there is a berry, or a shaving of something in every mouthful and knowing that it's low fat instantly makes it taste better!  Yeah, OK I admit, the fact I have eaten three bowls already is maybe not so good but I can't put them down, they taste so good!  They are crammed with yummy goodness in the form of wheat and barley and have multi-grain flakes, so it's rather good for you. It's official, Dorset Cereals Tasty Low Fat Flakes are gorgeous! I can't believe I ate the full box! I feel like a bit of a piggy now.  They are available from March 17th at Goodness Direct and should be priced at around £3.72.  You can buy them here!

The coffee pot is finished doing it's percolation business too and it smells good!  I do try not to consume coffee often unless it comes in a paper cup from a place that recently changed it's logo but I will try anything once and if I like it then it will become a regular occurrence in my life.   It tastes good, like coffee should taste.  It's graded a number 3 which is a middle of the road - drink it all day kinda coffee with a smooth finish.  It's available in two sizes 227g and 500g and you will need a coffee grinder. Extra effort in a morning, but always well worth it.  Mr Wright is coffee mad and he said it tasted good too, it should really mean more coming from him!  He said I am to tell you all that it's a nice rounded coffee with a good flavour which was not too over powering and that he could drink all day without getting the coffee shakes (which he gets with a 4 strength)  Apparently,  it went down well with his toast whilst I sat and ate a whole box of cereal like a little piggy!

You can buy the 227g bag of Excelso beans from Goodness Direct for £4.42.  I know it's a little on the steep side for some coffee beans but they are Fair Trade and they taste really good. 

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