21 Jan 2011

Temper Tantrums and Tesco

I'd not say that I hate Fridays, as usually they are my most favourite day of the week.  I shop in the reduced section at Tesco, get some sofa time with my lovely other half and eat a shed load of junk all night.  It's just today that's been a mad one.  It started out as an uneventful day, until I remembered that K had to be at the dentist just after 1pm. This was at about 11:30. Misteright had taken him to school and forgotten about him not needing a school dinner.  They had ordered him one as usual and the school administrator told me so in no uncertain terms.  She's not really a dragon all the time but she knows what my other half is like for forgetting to tell her these things!  It took one of the dinner ladies about 10 minutes to find K and then we went on our merry way.  We didn't even get to the top of the street and K remembered he had left his bike at school. I sent him back to get it on his own.  We just had a sprinting race and it made me I'm so unfit as by then I almost couldn't breathe!  Anyway, bike collected, no dramas.  We get home and I make some lunch, much to K's horror and dismay, there was nothing other than a pack of value curry noodles, a handful of frozen peas and half a kabanos (smoked sausage type thing.) This did not go down well, he ate it and said it tasted good but then spent a good ten minutes telling me how he was missing "Fish Friday" at school (they get battered fish, chips and peas.)  It all started to go a bit downhill from there.

We were five minutes late getting to the dentist and there were no teeth disasters, just a wobbly one that was irritating him so she yanked it out there and then. K was brave, he didn't cry. He didn't need a jab either, she gave him some funny gel anesthetic to put on it. The dentist put his tooth in a funky little pot with a lid so he didn't lose it. He was most impressed.  He even decided to go back to school for the last 45 minutes.  It was after school that was the problem.  K's been in some trouble this week and has been grounded, with no electrical items for two weeks as a punishment.  He also had to so a stint in the corner after school and that's when it all started.

He was told he had to do his time there, as he knew already but my "not so far away from being a kid myself" super powers deduced that he was secretly hoping that we had forgotten.  His protests were rather loud and followed by more than five good reasons why he felt he shouldn't have to. Resistance is futile, he should know that by now.  He's still protesting about how he is NOT standing in the corner and he doesn't care he'll just come out again.  He's then picked up and put there.  So he's finally in the corner and then it starts. He has always been one for a temper tantrum, but I'd not seen one like this for quite some time.  He has always made this bloody awful crying/whinging noise to get out of doing things, it's the sort of noise that your toddler makes, but with the vocal chords of a ten year old!  This noise is the worst noise in the world to me and  it's never worked before and it never will but it makes me angry. I'm sure he does it because he knows it gets to me and I raise my voice.  He doesn't like it when I raise my voice so he cries more. The noise increases and my temper gets more than slightly fraught.

At the height of what I can only describe as the screaming ab-jabs, K's friend from school knocks on the back door to see if K is playing out. I informed him that K was grounded until a week on Thursday and I closed the door. K must have heard the whole conversation I had at the door with his friend and took the noise up a notch. I shut the kitchen door, put the radio on loudly and boiled the kettle. I manage to drink most of my tea before Misteright comes back downstairs from trying to talk K down from his paddy.  He switches the radio straight off. and all I can hear is the noise again.  Then the doorbell at the front goes. It's one of those annoying Hyacinth Bucket ones that chimes with a long bell.  It's our "other" child, well we're her chosen other family.  The chain has come off her bike and she's scraped her leg, but she's been in the same trouble as K and she's told that she should be going straight home after her out of school club and she starts with the kick off as well. She knows that when K is grounded she can't come in to play but today she was not having it and cried on the doorstep for a good ten minutes. Misteright took her home because it was getting dark and I managed to stop K from screeching knowing that soon we had to do a supermarket shop. I'm at the stage where I'm starting to think "Is it normal that my ten year old tantrums like a toddler?"
So all remained calm for a while and like my tea mug says, Keep Calm and Carry On! Come on, everyone knows that a cup of tea solves everything.  About half an hour later we set off to Tesco up the travellator and we saw there were no trolleys in the shop at all and about 40 people who all needed one right now. It's 6pm on a Friday you know! After ten long and arduous minutes the scruffy looking spotty teen with a huge line of trolleys appeared just as a lovely lady offered us hers. If K hadn't wanted to find out what happened next in his new book we could have got a half sized trolley on arrival.  Usually Tesco is a breeze with K. He fetches things from the list and pushes the trolley till he gets bored, then he goes to look at the DVDs and XBOX games. As he is grounded, today he was not allowed and he had to read his book in the trolley.  Now as you may realise, pushing a ten year old in a trolley is no easy feat. He has to sit in the big bit where you're meant to put the food.  He is so big that he can only sit in a certain way or the trolley veers off to the left hand side and then his bum gets numb and his legs start to ache so he has to get out every ten minutes.  After the fifth time I was getting a bit annoyed, we were only just passed fruit and veg and we had been in there almost 20 minutes.  He is starting to get very bored now and he's asking about XBOX games and being told no again in such a short space of time doesn't bode well with him.  His response is to say "I'm off" Off where I don't know but I figure we're only in the supermarket and he can't go far, so I keep on pushing the trolley as he runs in the other direction and hides behind a pillar. He's not too hard to spot in his grey and black coat against the red and white plastic of  Tesco and when he cottons on that I have spied him he runs off completely down another aisle. I carry on looking at the meat and then move to the next aisle. I waited for a good five minutes before starting to wonder where he had got to. 

We have a Tesco rule, if you can't see me then walk up and down the central aisle until we find each other. It works a treat, guess what...Not today!  I walked up and down there for almost 17 minutes before he saw me and came running over. He told me how he forgot which aisle I was down and then came back to say sorry for running off and couldn't see me so he decided to  walk around the outside of the aisles and then panicked when he couldn't see me! In the time I was trying to locate my awkward child
Misteright had called to see if we were ready for collection from the shops. I had to inform him of K's self-misplacement. and to say he was less than happy is an understatement.  Now K is asking if Dad rang (Misteright to you and me) I tell him that he did and K asked if I told Misteright about his wandering off. When I told him I did the paddy started again, it lasted all of ten minutes this time, I don't think he had the energy by then after the incident before coming to Tesco and the continuous getting in and out of the trolley. I didn't have the energy  either.

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