20 Jan 2011

7 Things You Didn't Know About Me - My MeMe

So I did not manage to avoid this MeMe thing as well as I first anticipated.  I managed a few days and then yesterday I was tagged by Jo over at Given To Distracting Others. Everyone I know has already been tagged on a post of this somewhere deep in cyber space by now so no doubt it will be lost to the last pages of Google for ever before too long! I suppose that you may feel even more compelled to read it now.
You all know the gist of it by now, I'm supposed to tell you in just one post, seven whole things that you don't already know about me. You probably know a little bit about me from reading my blogging efforts so far and from my twitter and facebook so I was at a bit of a loose end as to what to put, about me! Hmmm, you think it's easy but it's taken me a good few hours just to think about where to start and I found myself getting nowhere so I'm braving this so insert a deep breathing noise here before you read another word!

  1. I'm the Great Great Niece of the late Sir Anthony Mamo who was the first President of Malta.  I never met him and I've never been to Malta but that doesn't mean that I don't want to. I know lots of other Mamo's are related to him in some way too. It's just gonna take a while to figure out how they are all related to me!
  2. I have a cat called Oakenfold. Yes, after Paul Oakenfold. He is my second child substitute almost 7 years ago after a miscarriage. When we were told at the vets when he was a kitty that he was a she we changed his name to Pauline. It was only for a bit because when we went back to the same practise six months later, the same vet told us who ever said he was female was stupid and exposed his male parts! I never had the heart to say "It was YOU!"
  3. I have an unhealthy love of chocolate. It doesn't matter what brand or flavour, weather it's white, milk or dark, if it's chocolatey, it'll do for me! I don't care if it's hot, cold, grated or broken and I swear I can eat a whole tin of roses in less than an hour. Wrong I know but it's sooooooo good.
  4. I drink far too much tea. I'm not really sure if it's healthy or not, but I don't actually care. I can't drink too much coffee as it makes me bounce about like tigger, and I find that after a while it can start to leave a nasty taste in my mouth. Tea doesn't do this! I prefer a nice cup of Yorkshire Tea, but I'm not overly fussy and if it's strong but milky with no sugar then I'll drink it
  5. In the summer of 2008 a song that I wrote the lyrics for and that also featured my vocals reached the number one downloaded tune for a whole week on the Track It Down Download Chart. It was one of the first releases of Sheffield based label Headcharge Recordings.  Now I know it's not a massive achievement but it's always been my dream to sing for my supper and make a proper job of it, that week, I did and one day I just might do again!
  6. My favourite outdoor activity is walking along the beach on a sunny day, looking for stones to polish in my rock polisher. It doesn't get used very often but it's a good excuse to get the pretty stones.
  7. My celebrity crush is Alex James (from Blur/of cheese making and food writing fame) This has been since I was about 13 and still remains now I'm pushing 30! He is still drooled over in magazines and on TV, but he's married now and I practically am too so I am now OK with the fact he will never be mine!

So that's MeMe!  The world has probably been tagged by now, it took me long enough to write this, so here is a list of some blogs I like, so click on the links and go and have a nosey!

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