31 Jan 2011

Foodie Fun - Dinner Winner - 10 Mintue Easy Pasta with Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto

I'm trying to eat more regularly this year so here is my first Dinner Winner :) In  my Dinner Winner posts I will be showing you some of my own quick and easy recipes that take no time at all to make and are great for winning dinners in minutes which need little preparation and still taste great!

My favourite food is Italian food and when I eat it, it must taste authentic. Well it's Italian food, you don't want it to taste like it's Spanish!  So you can imagine my delight when I received some of my favourite Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto in the post! I  wanted to make something that was more filling than just pasta and pesto so I popped my pinny on and headed for the kitchen and this is what I ended up with.
10 Minute Easy Pasta with Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto, Ham and Peas

  • Pasta - enough to feed however many people are eating, I cooked for 3 people and used 3 cups full
  • Onion - Use 1 medium sized onion per 3 people (chopped finely)
  • Spring Onions - I used 4 because that was all I had in, (in 0.5cm slices)
  • 5 slices of ham (cut it small or large depending on how rustic you like your food to look)
  • 1.5 cups of frozen petit pois
  • Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto (I used 2/3 of the jar but I like it alot!)
  • Grated Cheese to garnish
  • Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions 
  • In the last minute add the frozen peas to the water.
  • During the last minute of the pasta cooking, fry the onion, spring onion and ham.  
  • Drain the pasta and peas and return to the pan and add the onion, spring onion and ham 
  • Stir in the Salcla Wild Rocket Pesto.
  • Serve and garnish with the grated cheese
The verdict is...DELICIOUS!

K said it was gorgeous through a mouthful of food and he knows better than that so it really must be good and Mr Wright said it was wonderful. It did taste fantastic and was ready in no time at all. My pasta cooked for 8 minutes so I guess it wasn't even a ten minute Dinner Winner and it really was easy, K asked if he could make it for lunch at the weekend. He can make a 6 egg Spanish omelette so this will be something he can do with his eyes closed! Not that I encourage children actually cooking with their eyes closed or anything but you know what I mean! 

If you do try this at home please let me know how you get on. I would love to know what you think.

If you would like some more information about Salca Wild Rocket Pesto then click here and if you need some more information about Sacla and their amazing range of authentic Italian products, or just fancy some new recipe ideas then visit their website at

Sacla Wild Rocket Pesto contains the following ingredients and is free from; Gluten, Soya, Flavourings, Preservatives, MSG, Sesame Products, Sulphur Dioxide, GMO

Wild Rocket (44%), Sunflower Seed Oil, Pecorino Romano D.O.P Cheese, Walnuts, 
Grana Padano Cheese D.O.P. Cheese (contains lysozyme from egg), Pine Kernels, 
Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Fructose, Salt, Garlic, Vegetable Fibre, Acidity Regulator; Lactic Acid.

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