22 Sep 2010


Oh how I have neglected you all over the last couple of weeks. The house is in utter chaos, yes, I said is STILL in utter chaos. I hate moving things around! I hate it *insert screeching type ranty hypo Blondie noise here for good effect*  ...And, breathe!

The office is now back in full swing in it's new downstairs home, I would post pictures but the rest of the downstairs area is so not ready to have pictures taken yet and even if I did have to sacrifice the dining table for the greater good of K having a bigger bedroom (yes, in typical 9 year old stylee it is a total tip already and all of the furniture has not been put back in yet!) God! I dread to think what it will be like in another two weeks :S  It's just never ending. Had a few disasters and a bit of good news too and a calling into the headteachers office after school! Eeek! Yes I know, but at least he managed a week and three days without me having to go into school! That is a massive improvement on this time last year! He's growing up fast and thankfully growing out of being such a sod!  
So I have had a few good wins and work has not been too bad, only a few people have told me how I should do my job this week, and no swearers! Whoop! This is good, even if it really amuses me to hear people swearing at me like it's my fault their bank is not giving them what they need. ERR! HELLO! The last time I checked, people had a choice, and if something is that rubbish. MOVE YOUR BANK DOPEY! Don't moan at me for it being how it is and then not taking the satisfaction survey so they can make some improvements!

Enough about my job now, let's talk about my winnings!

Had a telephone call out of the blue from a lovely lady at fruitini the other day, turns out I was one of the twenty winners in their Rainforest Cafe Party competition! I won a weekend in London for us all, we're going to be staying at the Westminster on Buckingham Palace Road! Blow me four stars! Better rush off and buy something that is not denim and that doesn't require flip flops! Can't be looking like a scab in somewhere like that! We are then going to the exclusive party at the Rainforest Cafe in Piccadilly Circus and having an open top red bus tour afterwards!Needless to say K is overjoyed by this as he has not been to London yet, ever! Harrods here we come! I have to at least buy a tote!

I went past the Rainforest Cafe the other day when I went with the wonderful Miss Best to the press pre-release of Charlotte Church's new album at the Pigalle Club. I won the tickets from her twitcomp at the beginning of the month. It was bloody amazing, she really does have a singing voice to die for, it's just when she's talking, she sounds like farmer! We had free wine and were right at the front! Classy bitches we are! The drive home was fuelled by Starbucks at every possible service station and some right girly chatting, which was very much needed at the time!

We have decided that our outings together should be renamed though! We think "Spacker & Special on Tour" is very appropriate as we tend to get mega lost and forget that the car has a built in SatSlag. Well, once we did end up at Scotch Corner when we were going to Sheffield, AND it took us five times around the one way system in Central London before we realised that the road SatSlag was pointing us to had been built over very recently! But  we always get there in the end with seconds to spare!

Well, I think I have talked enough for one post! Smell you later :)
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