5 Aug 2010

Well Hello There Sailor!

It's just my blog, don't take it to heart! If you do then, well, that's your problem not mine, this is here to entertain me in my spare time and it's far easier than remembering where I put my diary!
If you should be lucky enough to keep track of my little world then you may expect to find (well, when I can be arsed) an amusing insight into the life of me, the stuff I get up to and the things I make and do (again, when I can be arsed! and if I'm not working!)
S'pose blogging is far much more fun than harassing unsuspecting people whilst they are having their dinner to take part in a survey with no incentive apart from knowing that your crap banks service is still going to be rubbish no matter how many times you take the same customer services questionnaire!  It may never prove to be as fun as singing and songwriting though... Ask me this time next year! You should also expect to find me telling you about what I think is great and what to be quite frank is totally crapola too! I do have a tendency to waffle so before you visit again, I suggest you come armed with food and drink, you could be a while! I should (again if and when I get around to it) be posting piccies of all my competition wins from now on, I am again, crap at keeping track of things. So please, do not expect a miracle!  And if I'm in an extra good mood I'll maybe share some poems and/or songs with you as well as pics of the bracelets and clocks I like to make.

To celebrate the launch of my new blog I thought I'd best do a little giveaway to see how many people will,A) actually read this or B) will be pissed off in the process

So to enter you need to follow this blog, and me on twitter and then you need to tweet me the following
@missmamo + your answer A or B and #missmamosworld

and you could be a winner, of something. Don't know what yet!  Giveaway will end at 8pm Friday 6th August, there may even be more than one winner!
That is all!
TTFN x x

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