14 Aug 2011

Seriously Indulgent Pampering Session

Misteright is out for the evening and K & M are having a DVD marathon and eating crisps and fruit so they will be quiet for the forseeable future,or until they fall asleep, whichever happens first!  So this evening I will be mostly having a seriously indulgent pamper session!  I have been lucky enough to be sent some amazing handmade, organic beauty products from The Buddha Beauty Company which was only made a few days ago!  The box arrived yesterday and I had to be strong and resist the urge to have a short bath and saved it for today as I knew I would need it! Influenced by their world travelling, Emma and Llwelyn founded The Buddha Beauty Company which is a great combination of Emmas passion of all things luxury and Llwelyns holistic healing hands with an added bit of secret Buddha Beauty magic.

The package contained a bottle of their Orange and Ginger Body Lotion and a jar of Grapefruit, Lavender and Frankincense.  The smell when I opened the box after delivery was amazing!  It was not that sickly smell that you get when you walk past LUSH but it was a nice inviting smell that made me want to have a bath straight away.  I was a good girl and had strong will power and refrained from having a "splash" bath as I knew I could have a mega-soak this evening instead!  It was worth the wait I can tell you.  The Grapefruit, Lavender and Frankincense natural body scrub was divine; it did all the things that I wanted.  It was luscious and oily and the label advised that you allow the sumptuous oils to be absorbed into the skin before you get wet again! The blend of marine fine sea salt and Dead Sea salt was great on the skin.  The smell is fresh and zingy but not overpowering.  It left my skin feeling totally rejuvenated and baby bum soft.  The Orange and ginger body lotion is brilliant.  The smell is so nice, just like grated ginger and freshly squeezed orange!  The lotion is super thick and soaks into the skin quickly and leaves it smelling fresh and feeling moisturised. It doesn't dry sticky like some other handmade products I have tried in the past.  My skin felt amazing afterwards; it was a super special treat for me!  Well, I know I should do it more, especially as I am a Green Grocer and it's tough on my skin so this new thing I shall be doing more often.  In fact, I’m going to have another bath tomorrow after work just to have soft skin all over again! I can't wait until Chrimbletide as I have hinted to Misteright that I need to have some more Buddha Beauty products in my bathroom!  They smell great, they made me feel great and they are all handmade which gave me that added extra feeling of luxury, which I don't get very often.  It felt like a little bit of escapism inside my own bathroom! 

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