29 Jun 2011

Sharing With The World - Post #1

So you're probably aware that my little blog will be a whole year old next month.  I feel kinda privileged as some people don't get this far but I have really enjoyed my little adventure away from the real world and into the blogosphere!  It's been a bumpy journey and I have learnt lots on the way so I felt it was time to give something back  to you all and let you know some more about me!  This is the first in a series of posts full of things that I have created and that I am incredibly proud of.  

This first one, it's all about MY music, baby!

Those of you that know me personally will know that music has been something very close to my heart for as long as I can remember and sharing it with the world is something I have always done.  I just did not think of using my little world as a platform for sharing... I'm not sure why, I share everything else here!  So this is me,  sharing some songs I have made/that my vocals have featured in with the whole wide world!

This track is something that I amazed myself with.  Back in 2008 I was approached on My Space by a guy from a record label named Headcharge Recordings (a hard dance label from Sheffield) who had seen me singing at a gig at GladRags in Leeds a year earlier and had searched the Internet for me so he could use my voice on some of his tracks. I was overjoyed, obviously and I gladly accepted his invitation and what you are about to hear was the first of the two tracks we worked on.  Pulse & Race danced in the top spot on the Track It Down charts for a few days when it was released and then went back down again as fast.  It was brilliant considering I left the original lyrics at home and only realised I did not know what I was singing about 20 minutes before I got off the train.  I had to totally re-write them :S  Amazing I know and I made the grand total of £50 + Train fair to and from the studio plus the name credit on the track, in case you were wondering, I'm the Stephanie! It's so Rock N Roll!  I had hoped that this song, in some magical way would launch my singing career but it did not, so never mind.  Instead life evolved and things are different now, I still LOVE to sing and I do still write lyrics, on scraps of paper that I keep them in an old shoe box in the cupboard upstairs.  They get an airing every now and again when people come over with instruments or ideas but nothing truely amazing.  Anyway, I'll cut to the chase, here it is... 

JK feat Stephanie Pulse & Race - Headcharge Recordings by missmamo

 If you have any comments then please feel free to share them below because it's always nice to hear what people think, on the other hand however, if you want to offer me some obscene amount of money for my amazing vocal talents then please email me :)

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luckybaker said...

Well done on that,Do u have any videos of that,Well cool

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