7 Jun 2011

In The Wars... OUCH and That Damned Bird

On Sunday, as a treat I let K and M make krispie cakes unattended.  Had had bought some lion bar mix from the market and they had a bit of chocolate so it made sense and kept them occupied...  All was well and it was half eaten until yesterday afternoon when I came in from work and saw a half eaten krispie cake... with Lion Bar (my childhood favourite chocolate bar!) I was overcome with greediness and had to have some.  I tried to snap it in to smaller bits but it was not happening, the chocolate mixture was solid.  I tried the sharpest knife but it's a bit flimsy at the end and it bent slightly.  It was a job for something heavy, the rolling pin would do it, or so I thought.  I hit it hard and nothing happened, not even a crumb of chocolate broke away.  I did the obvious and hit it harder, a lot harder and then started to whack it with extreme force until...


I had hit the middle of my thumb so hard that it began to swell up almost instantly and a black spot appeared in the middle. I was crying by this point but K had other friends round as well as M so I was trying hard to be quiet, I really did not want the attention of four 10 year olds.  I took a paracetamol and went to sleep on the sofa (I'd been up since 4:30 and done the fruit market and a shift at work too!)  When I woke up, it was still really sore and when I went to get something for dinner from work the boss said I should go to A&E in case I make it worse by lifting something heavy.  
A&E was pretty un-eventful and i had an xray to be told that I have possibly fractured my thumb with the impact but they could not be sure 100% as it was not damaged enough (thankfully) so the nurse strapped it up and said to come back again in a week if it still hurt badly.  I went to work for the full day and felt like a spare part and had loads of idiot customers trying to tell me how to do my job and it has made it seem a lot worse :( I know I have grumbled about the new job/major career change a bit in the last few months but I can tell the difference between different types of apples and class 1 and class 2 produce by now thank you very much!  I don't need to be told where you got it from because I put it there myself so shut up interfering and let me do my job (even if today it has been half hearted and one handed!)

It didn't get much better when I got home this evening either...

Last Summer, our cat, Oakenfold, killed a few birds who had been flying about in our yard.  No big deal I thought until I realised that he had killed Mummy Bird and Daddy bird to the cutest looking but annoying sounding bird ever!  The seasons changed and the bird flew away and then today as I came into the yard after work I heard it, that annoying cheeping noise from last year.  It's only that little chick, who is now a bloody huge bird!  There is poor Oakenfold sat in the yard as mega bird is hoping about in front of him with his chest all puffed out ready to fight with my poor cat!  Oakenfold was just meowing at the bird and hoping it would go away and then it flew off.  We thought it had gone but then it made a scary sounding bird noise and nose dived across the yard straight at my helpless old cat... and missed him by millimetres!  Oakenfold made a quick get away inside the house just in time as the bird did the same thing again and then flew off and sat on the roof next door. 

It was kind of funny!

On the plus side, K & M went back to school today, Mr Wright made lasagne for tea and now he is out for the night and I do feel better for blogging.  Plans for the evening are I'm gonna do some comping and have a bit of a tweet on twitter whilst chick flicks are on in the background!
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