12 Jan 2011

Eat Goodness Ready to Eat Figs : A Goodness Direct Product Review

The lovely people at Goodness Direct recently sent me some products from their range to review on my blog. I was only expecting one thing to try but a jiffy bag came with a few different bits for me to try. The first out of the bag was the ready to eat figs, so I ate them! and here is the review!
The bag looks pretty dull, somewhat how society has portrayed health foods over the last few years. It has a beige label with a green stripe. The information label on the back tells me that this product may contain milk, protein, sesame and nut which does not alarm me as I can eat all of those things! It also says that the figs are produce of Turkey.  The ingredients are obviously figs but water and preserve (potassium sorbate) is also listed, I think that's why dried fruit is tacky when you take it out of the packaging but as always, feel free to correct me on this if I am wrong.  The price for this item from the Goodness Direct  is £4.19 which is relatively cheap for this sort of product in the same size package. The nutritional information contains all the usual blurb that you find on a packet. I know it's good for me because it's fruit but let's just confirm that with what the label says!

The bag contains 500g
Per 100g:
Energy 1015kJ/239kcal, Protein, 3.1g, Carbohydrate 53g, Fat 1.2g
As you all suspected, that really means nothing to me but it looks like they have a shed load of carbs so I recommend not to eat carb heavy things after 7pm, it's meant to be better to stay in shape, according to some article I read in some glossy magazine anyway!

Let's see how they taste. I am a lover of fresh figs, especially with a toffee sauce and ice cream! I've not really bothered with dried ones before so here goes...
They feel a bit sticky on my fingers, and I'm on Misteright's PC, ooh sticky prints, he'll have my guts for garters! The dried fig tastes much like a fresh one but it's far stickier and they look a bit like dog turds but they taste good so I don't really give a shit!  If you have never had a fig before I am not really sure how to describe it to you, it's like a date at Christmas in your mouth but tastes, well nothing like it to be frank! It's a good taste, not a manky one and they are a bit sweet and easy to eat. They are quite chewy and a slightly gritty in texture. It reminds me a bit of popping candy, maybe that's why I like them so much.  They are quite moreish, but remember that dried figs may be tasty but they can have a laxative effect if you eat too many, so don't gorge on the bag or you'll not be able to stray far from the toilet.

Instead of just eating them as a snack like I have done, I suppose you could always use them in homemade muesli and to jazz up your flapjacks, even to give a bit of podge to your porridge.  Why not take a peek at the BBC Food FIG page and get some inspiration!  To find out some more information about figs in general, why not check out the wikipedia fig page  Only if you want to!

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bloomers said...

I have never tried figs and I really don't think I want to, I just think they look so unappealing!

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